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Sep 03, 2011 · I believe i have over 20 gallons of bad gas in my tank . I want to pump out the fuel by removing the fuel line and pumping into a tank by turning on the key . the pump only runs for a few seconds and shuts off, as the relay tells the computer the truck is not running and shuts off the pump.

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My s-10 is doing the same thing once a week, I 've changed the ignition switch, crakshaft sensor, ignition mod. This is very frustrating. I to will send a prize to the person who has a fix for this. It's the fuel pump cutoff switch. Located on the right side of the engine. The dealer will be able to tell you where. Do i get a prize?
Fuses check out, if I remove the pump relay and short pins 3,5 there is a small spark no fuel pump sound, rapped on tank and now starting to trace the wiring. Pump is about 3 years old and no sign of trouble until today. 4.3 liter 1996 2 dr vin W 4x4 s10 blazer.
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Fuel System Inspection Cost. Service Location. SELECT YOUR VEHICLE. $0.00. Upfront, Transparent Price. (4). The fuel pump relay is an electronic component that is found on virtually all vehicles equipped with an internal combustion engine.
I am having a hard time finding out where my fuel pump is located. It is not under the seat like the later A6's. If you have not already found them, the fuel pump is in the gas tank. There is an access port in the trunk under the carpet behind the right side passenger seat.
Valve A2L 10 Модулятор ABS, 2-ой Ось, Правый (средний) PRSMOD VLV A2R Mod. MID 136 Коды Подсистем ABS 15 - 47 15 Реле, Диагональное Напряжение 2 RLAY DIAGONAL2 Relay DIAG.
Oct 19, 2016 · The fuel pump relay is usually located in the vehicle’s long black box with the other relays and fuses. The location can be different, however, in some other cars. Without this relay, the engine would not receive fuel while starting. The pump that delivers fuel to the engine while the engine is running requires electricity in order to operate.
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Locate the under-hood relay center. It is on the right side of the engine compartment, behind the driver's side headlamp. It is a black plastic box and it contains all of the relays for the vehicle.
  • The fuel pump relay is an electrical component found in every vehicle. There are different reasons due to which the fuel pump relay fails. There is a winding in the relays which can get burned due to a short as a result of a high current or high voltage.
  • Changing your Chevy S10 fuel pump is a simple procedure if you take proper precautions and follow a few simple steps. Make sure you have all the tools and replacement components Park your Chevy S10 in a safe place with a level surface. Make sure you have enough room to work around the truck.
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  • Fuel pump relay on 96 Chevy s10? Just replaced fuel pump and fuel filter on my 4.3l s10. It worked great for two weeks and doesn't seem to want to turn over. I hear the fuel pump relay clicking but the truck won't start. It seems to only want to start when there hasn't been a huge temperature shift overnight.
  • Where is the fuel pump relay located on a 1993 Chevy S-10 Blazer with a 4.3 Vortec? its on the firewall next to the power brake booster. there are two relays its the one on the left. the other one ...
  • I had purchased one of your engine harnesses for my 1963 Chevy II Nova and the light harness. I did all the wiring as described, but had no power throughout the car. The Nova still has its original wiring except for the cables I upgraded with American Autowire.
  • Chevrolet then installs these Fuel Pumps in your S10 Truck at the factory assembly line. We sell the same OEM factory Fuel Pumps that you would buy directly from the Chevrolet dealer, but at a much more affordable price! We also manufacture our own version of every OEM Fuel Pump to exact factory specs. The carpartswarehouse brand Fuel Pumps ...
  • Apr 10, 2018 · Pt1 2007 chevy pickup fuel pump replacement at d rays shop duration. Veltboys garage g body fuse panel swap ls swap lower radiator hose. I was wondering where my flasher is located on my 1987.
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