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Dec 10, 2013 · A battery to alternator charge lead that’s too undersized will cause a voltage drop and wire overheating/melting from the load. While you’re considering the right alternator capacity for your ride, don’t forget the importance of wire size.

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Feb 04, 2015 · the original problem was the car died on my girlfriend, she got a new battery and drove alittle ways til it died on her again. So i had my old alternator checked they said it was bad. I replaced the alternators twice now, swapped batteries and still no fix.

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Alternator has 12v feed that has 12v power and plug on alt has two wires. black/white red/white local auto parts has check alt and show it to charge 13.4vdc. I have checked grounds and connections and belt for looseness and with it running battery shows with a fluke meter 11.9 vdc.
Dec 19, 2010 · 1.) Be sure the connections from the alternator , both power and ground have good clean metal to metal connections. 2.) With a multi meter measure the battery voltage both with engine off and engine running. report the #'s back. 3.) with the multi meter measure current off the battery.
Nov 19, 2006 · got this focus coming in next week with charging problem its on its second alternator but still same problem warning light on. wiring has been checked the 3 thin wires from alternator and has been to main dealer who said the ecu may be faulty can some one help
AUX Battery/Alternator charging design (beating my head against the wall) Power Electronics: 0: Dec 27, 2017: Low rpm battery charging using car alternator: Power Electronics: 26: Nov 30, 2017: T: Charging a battery with an alternator with electric motor: Power Electronics: 20: Jul 7, 2017: P: automobile battery charging by constant voltage ...
I am having a problem with the wiring for an alternator conversion on my 62 390 Galaxie. I have hooked it up exactly like the picture below. My battery appears to be charging... It is reading about 14.5 volts at a fast idle and went from 12.3 volts when not running to 12.8 volts after about 10 minutes of running.
May 18, 2014 · I have a 1996 ford 555d backhoe w/alternator problems. The alternator light does not come on. The bulb is good. The alternator that was on the backhoe when I bought(not sure it was working), it did not have a thermistor plug but when I bought a replacement it had the thermistor plug. I installed it but still no luck w/charging the battery.
Nov 25, 2002 · Hi Folks, Well a few months back before I headed overseas once more I had a problem with the car only running while using jumper cables. As soon as I removed the jumper cables the car simply stalled - the fitted battery was quite flat but expected that the alternator would keep everything running
Provided the fault is not within the alternator, it will still function conventionally with its output regulated to 14.75 V. Other possible symptoms of faulty alternator or charging system might be: Rough idle. Possible engine misfire. Loss of battery state of charge or state of health. Erratic or malfunctioning dash board instrumentation.
Step 1: Attach a Multi-Tester to Your Engine. Connect multi-tester to your engine based on your alternator type. You can determine this by the color of the wires - either AC volts or DC amps. These wires extend beneath the blower housing and are connected to the stator.
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  • Problem 1. The Charging System would sometimes cut out, and even when it was "working" I noticed that the Alternator Gauge would gradually read lower, and lower, over a period of a few months, and turning on Lights would drop it even lower. 2.
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  • Jun 17, 2019 · Sounds like your charging system (or your wiring harness) is screwed up. Not a big surprise, Mopar alternators from that era were terrible and the wiring harness is now almost 50 years old. I updated the wiring in my '65 Dodge Coronet and I use a modern Denso alternator. Zero problems for my Sniper system and fuel pump.
  • Aug 18, 2015 · In that case, the alternator is not charging. This could be because the alternator is not the right one, is not working or is not getting a signal from the PCM. The small red wire in the connector is the signal from the PCM. It should terminate in connector C1 pin 74 of the PCM.
  • Nov 22, 2014 · Alternator is charging. Regulator failed at the "E" connection. The trouble shooting guide says to repair "E" circuit. I assume that means replace the regulator since everything else on the circuit is after it and there is no juice at the regulator. I anticipated this and new one should be here today.
  • The battery (charge icon) lit up when I was trying to start it. A guy gave me a jump (which kind of worked, I still had to try and start like 3 times). The guy who gave me a jump said it looks like I have a bad alternator. I have never had a problem with dimming lights or other signs of a bad alternator.
  • In this video I show how you can perform an in depth testing procedure to determine the health of your alternator and charging system using a basic multimete...
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