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Dec 15, 2020 · A reading cloth is a cloth dedicated to Tarot use onto which the cards are thrown when reading a spread. I use a reading cloth if I am reading on an unfamiliar surface to protect the cards from ...

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Aug 20, 2019 · If you’re familiar with the traditional Celtic Cross tarot spread, you’ll recognise the layout – this spread is essentially the central two ‘crossing’ cards. Shuffle your cards, closing your eyes and keeping your question in mind if you have one. Take a few slow, deep breaths as you do son. When you’re ready, lay the first card.

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Use this spread to explore where you currently are in terms of your work, career, and professional life. Pull one card for each position (1-7). If a card doesn’t seem to make sense, pull a second card as a clarifier for the same question.
The position of each card in the tarot spread can change its meaning and how it should be interpreted. Two of the most common spreads in tarot reading are The Three Fates, and the Celtic Cross. The Three Fates. The Three fates is the simpler of the two spreads, and a good starting point for beginner psychics.
Oct 07, 2017 · This morning’s Month of Spreads’ prompt encourages us to have a conversation with our divinatory tools and have a conversation with them. After shuffling your deck until you feel satisfied, pull six cards you ask some version of:
Tarot cards can be used in a variety of ways; you can ask a question and draw one card or you can lay your cards out into what is known as a spread. In a spread you might designate three or five positions for your cards.
Mar 06, 2016 · She asked me, “Why do you ask, ‘What is your question’, aren’t you supposed to know?” Well, yes and no. Most people come to a reader with a question on their mind and I am happy to help them. Occasionally, someone will ask, “What message does the universe have for me today?” I’m happy to help them with this, too. So, why do I ask?
A tarot card reading is no different than a lecture you might have additional questions about afterwards. As you go through a spread of cards, remember the points you could use more direction on. If a card indicates you need to embrace your feminine side, remember that and ask "How can I better embrace my femininity?"
In my opinion the Celtic Cross works best when used to answer specific questions. Remember to put some thought into the formulation of the question you wish to ask. Here is the spread: Card 1: The present Card 2: The immediate challenge facing the querent. You will often pull a difficult card here, which will indicate an obstacle that must be ...
To do a reading, select the deck you wish to use and a spread which can answer your query. There are a number of decks and spreads to choose from. If you are not familiar with the spreads, read about how they work on the spreads page before you begin. Then once you have filled in the boxes for name and question you are ready to receive your reading.
Feb 19, 2020 · Most Tarot readers will tell you that the cards never lie, and they’re correct. There is one exception. If you knew that you shouldn’t ask a question and asked it anyways, then you may not get the answer you’re looking for. For example, you might ask if your partner is cheating on you, and get a reading all about self-love.
  • A tarot spread is the formation of the cards as they are laid out on the table before you. A card's position in relation to the other cards determines how it is to be interpreted. Here at Ask.Cards we have several spreads to choose from: The Celtic Cross is a detailed 10 card layout that answers a time sensitive question.
  • The best questions to ask during your first Love Tarot reading, should not be black and white. In other words, asking if someone likes you or if your relationship is going to work out may give the Tarot reader very little to work with. The more open ended you are with your questions, the more information the Tarot reader will be able to receive.
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  • Do you have a question on your heart or your job that makes you feel lost? The consultation of the 22 mythical blades of tarot will show you the trend in which your concerns of the moment are inscribed. Enter the draw to find interpretive trails to link to your personal case. Think of it as a new ...
  • Based on the traditional Rider-Waite style Tarot deck, The Charming Tarot uses illustrations inspired by different eras and art styles to bring its characters and their journeys to life. Use this deck to seek inspiration and answers to life’s questions. The Charming Tarot summons imagery of fairy tales and heroes.
  • This article is intended as a step-by-step tutorial for reading Tarot cards. For background information, such as the origins and history of the Tarot, how the Tarot works, or explanation of the suits with card-by-card meanings, you might want to start with An Introduction to the Tarot or read many of the Psychic and Tarot articles on this site.
  • There are many different spreads to use with the Tarot cards and usually the Tarot Reader will decide which is the best Tarot card spread to use depending on the question. A Tarot Reader reads the cards by looking at the images and picking up psychically how it relates to the person.
  • Whether you are questioning the Tarot for reasons of love, to know if he loves you, or whether you just want a yes or no answer, my system can help you. It’s a 100% free Tarot: an online tool to make fortune telling and cartomancy simple and suitable for everyone. You can start your free tarot reading here. Session id: std
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