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Top quality baby capuchin monkeys, 12 weeks old, very healthy. All health records available. Welcoming, playful and very social. Will make your family best companion If interested contact me for more information and pictures.text (567) 333-7079 or visit our website

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These rabbits are known for being great with kids of all ages, as well as gentle with their own young (both males and females). Our rabbits travel to birthday parties and with petting zoos to spread joy to kids of all ages! We also have mini rex, lionhead, and Holland Lop rabbits available around Easter. Email us for availability.

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It costs about $640 a year to raise a mini compared to over $1300 for a full size cow. How about working draft animals? In India, Africa, and other countries where predators are a problem, and land is at a premium, they use these cows to plow, pull carts, haul goods to markets and many other useful ways.
Find Donkeys for sale, for rehoming and for adoption from reputable sellers, or connect for free with eager buyers UK at, the online donkey classifieds.
Dec 28, 2020 · our first home grown finished champion! gch double durango mini me 1*m - west georgia dairy goat show , 2x first, 2x grand champion senior doe, best of breed and best in show!
Cozy Cove Farm has an excellent selection of Alpacas and Llamas. We have 60 Alpacas and 20 Llamas are for sale along with gifts made of alpaca fiber.
Miniature Donkeys are very popular because so many people realize and value their unique qualities; they are also a good financial investment — an investment you can love! Miniature Donkeys require a small amount of grain, good quality hay, a mineral salt block, and fresh, clean water.
Our farm is located in central Louisiana. We offer adults and children an opportunity to pet, feed, and groom a variety of animals. Corley's Miniature Acres is not exclusive to on-site tours, we specialize in petting zoos for nearly all occassions.
These sheep have led me down that Path Less Traveled too. It is a path full of twists, turns, and rich experiences. Their wool inspired me to learn many new crafts….hand processing fiber, dyeing, carding, spinning, knitting, and weaving. It has been a delightful adventure so far, and hopefully far from over!
If you are interested in my goats for sale, please email me directly at [email protected], or call me at 816-896-4644. Thanks! Thanks! We use this page to list our Pygmy Goats For Sale.
Miniature Donkeys for sale at Dogwood Hills Farm We raise registered miniature donkeys to sell at Dogwood Hills Farm. We are located near Paducah, Kentucky - in the western portion of the state. Happy Animals Cute Baby Animals Farm Animals Cute Donkey Mini Donkey Baby Donkeys For Sale Miniature Donkey Mini Farm Zebras
  • Welcome to Miller's Meadow Miniature Donkeys. 1517 E 130 th Ave N Mulvane, Kansas 67110
  • Miniature donkeys for sale in Florida. Here at Best Friends Farm in Florida, we believe that when you call or visit our farm or website, we have a responsibility to help educate you about miniature donkey care, health, and uses (sale or no sale.) Besides that, we just love to talk donkeys. Dent Family Miniature Horse Ranch
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  • After much thought, research, and coaxing from my friend. Thanks Jenn! I went to visit a herd in Colorado and purchased 3 donkeys from MJB Miniature Donkeys. I currently have a small herd of 5 Donkeys and am happy to report that for the last few years several of my own herd have been incorporated into the equine program at Camp Courage.
  • Donkey Kong II is a Game & Watch game released as a part of the Multi Screen series on March 7, 1983. It is a dual-screen single-player Game & Watch with a brown body. It opens like a compact, with an upper and lower screen. Hirokazu Tanaka composed the game music. Donkey Kong II was recreated in Game & Watch Gallery 3 for Game Boy Color.
  • Sep 21, 2020 · Timber Lane Acres Miniature Donkeys is located in southeast Wisconsin just off Interstate 94.With many years of experience in raising, training and showing several breeds of horses and pedigreed Rex rabbits, we have fallen in love with these unique creatures of the equine world...the Miniature Donkey!
  • Randolph's Mini Hoof Farm began breeding Miniature Silky Fainting goats in 2006. This breed is not only exotic, but they are irrestibale, gentle and very entertaining. Our silkies are bred for show and pet quality only. They are NOT raised for fiber, milk production and certainly not for meat. We like to call them "pasture jewelry".
  • The Miniature Mediterranean donkey originates from Sardinia and Sicily, and despite its small size was used to carry loads and turn mill stones. It is not a standard donkey bred down, but a breed in its own right. If you are looking for a miniature donkey for sale, visit our For Sale page, or contact us for latest foal information.
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