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BankGroupSwap and BankGroupSwap alt Although reading a lot I'm still not able to find those settings and hope, that one of you might help me. thank you very much in advance :-) edit: or do the settings show up after installing a Zen2 CPU? Edited Aug 5, 2019 0:20:01 GMT -8 by samuelcosta:

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Але для любителів розгону ця функція зводить нанівець всі старання, так як вона скасовує виставлені в BIOS спеціальні значення.</p><p>Друга функція - це BankGroupSwap (BGS).
Jan 02, 2020 · CMT32GX4M2C3200C16 Unstable at 3200mhz Memory. It is possible you are and the end of your rope. Intel Z170 and AMD X370 both had trouble with 3000+.
There's a setting available also on previous BIOSes under AMD CBS\UMC Common Options\DRAM Memory Mapping named BankGroupSwap. If you have 2x Single-Rank modules you can try setting this to Disabled and you might see some performance boost in certain applications. Creation Date: 1996-08-13 | 238 days left. Register domain, LLC store at supplier, LLC with ip address
One other option that AMD looked into is BankGroupSwap, which is a new memory mapping option that is found in AGESA This option can optimise how memory requests are executed after taking memory timings and DRAM architecture into account, with AMD finding mixed results where AIDA memory speeds were higher with it turned on but gaming ...
Jul 30, 2017 · BankGroupSwap Alt: Enabled. GearDownMode: Disabled. 1T. So using these settings I've managed to get into Windows, do some benchmarks.. gaming and even Prime95 with no ...
“BankGroupSwap (BGS) is a new memory mapping option in AGESA that alters how applications get assigned to physical locations within the memory modules; the goal of this knob is to optimize...
2、如何压小参? 9 红线的部分,如果主板支持调节到0,直接输入0,如果不支持, 给auto BankGroupSwap,打开可以获得更高的带宽 tRFC及其下面的两项是一组数据,具有逻辑关系,胡乱设置会 开不了机,如果不熟悉,可以只设置第一项,其他两项auto。
Hey, I had 2x8GB 3200MHz RAM overclocked before in my PC with an Aorus X570 Elite Wifi but just picked up a 4x8GB kit of Vengeance RGB Pro listed @3600MHz but just setting the XMP profile causes my BIOS recovery to kick in and boots me back. On my 3200 kit, I was able to just input DRAM Calcs saf...
  • Здравейте! Дъното ми изгоря, а освен това процесора ми не струва, затова очаквам вашите предложения за това което си струва. Също смятам да сменям РАМ паметта, защото е ддр3. Видеото ми е gtx 960 2 гб,кутията- cooler master k350 ...
  • 本帖最后由 jy304775 于 2019-9-20 15:37 编辑 首先把BIOS里BankGroupSwap选项设置为Disabled,BankGroupSwap Alt设置为Enabled。据AMD光头哥的说法,BankGroupSwap控制的是内存的物理映射,关闭时游戏FPS更高,打开时测试跑分更高。
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  • Nabend, möchte zwecks RAM OC BankGroupSwap deaktivieren. Finde es aber nirgendwo im UEFI. Finde auch nichts im Handbuch oder bei Google. Kann jemand helfen? Bei GearDownMode usw auf der Seite der ...
  • Nov 04, 2017 · BankGroupSwap malo dize perf (par %), ali u Aida moze biti pad na <6%. Ukljucenje BankGroupSwapAlternative isti efekat ima na perf, ali u Aida ostaje isto kao sa ukljucenim BankGroupSwap. Ponekad kod single rank gasenje oba parametra daje boost u igrama – treba testirati. procODT: Sto manji procODT to je veci potencijalni OC ram.
  • GEAR DOWN MODE (GDM) + BankGroupSwap (BGS) And thats very nice, but what about these settings? Does anybody has information about this settings, i will highly appreciate:-Memory-Interleaving-Memory-Interleaving Size-Data Poisoning-Chipset select Interleaving-Address hash Bank-Address hash Cs-BankGroupSWAP-BankGroupSWAP_ALT-TSME
  • Advanced > AMD CBS > UMC Common Options > DRAM Memory Mapping > BankGroupSwap: Disabled Advanced > AMD CBS > UMC Common Options > DRAM Memory Mapping > BankGroupSwapAlt: Enabled AI Tweaker > Custom CPU Core Ratio: Auto AI Tweaker > CPU Core Ratio: 37 AI Tweaker > Performance Bias: None AI Tweaker > VDDCR CPU Core Voltage: Manual
  • Oct 26, 2019 · там по-моему в Advanced есть пункт про AMD CBS и вот там BankGroupSwap ищи. Ща могу путать так как не дома. Но как-то так вроде было
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