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Dec 14, 2018 · The moment: First solo / first Sonex flight The pilot: Darick Gundy The place: Bermudian Valley Airpark (07N) – Kralltown, PA The aircraft: Champ / Sonex The memory: At age 56 I learned to fly a 1940’s Aeronca Champ at a small airport with a grass runway and passed my test. Needless to say it was some of the […]

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Crosswind landings are the Ercoupes forte, and for the proficient Ercoupe pilot are routine in conditions that ground all other light planes. They are "faith-based" in the sense that the pilot can have absolute faith the plane, if flown properly, will predictably do what is expected so long as the pilot knows the difference between luck and skill.

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Train confidently with the resources, competitive advantages, and career support proven by more successful Become an Airline Pilot Start Your Introductory Training Flight Today. Start for Free ».
Commercial and Business Aviation Online Training. Online Course Listing with Transport Canada Courses are completed by using multimedia tools such as HD video of in flight and classroom (over...
Jan 03, 2017 · Our well maintained training fleet includes a Cessna 140 for tailwheel training, two Cessna 150, a Cherokee 140 (IFR), a Cessna 172 (IFR/Garmin 430), an Ercoupe and a Piper PA-23 Apache multi-engine aircraft. We also have a Red Bird TD2 Basic Aviation Training Device (BATD) for training instruments procedures and G1000 glass cockpit training.
Piper surveyed flight instructors and found they wanted a more spinnable aircraft for training purposes. Equipped with the NASA GA(W)-1 Whitcomb airfoil the Tomahawk addresses this requirement by making specific pilot input necessary in recovering from spins. The flight controls of the aircraft mimic those of a much heavier aircraft.
Practical (flight) training happens in an aircraft and consists of hands-on instruction in safely operating and navigating an aircraft, performing pre-flight and post-flight procedures, ground operation, using navigational aids, etc. Flight training is usually obtained from a flight school or through an independent Flight Instructor.
Wright Flight started me on my first few hours of flight training. I became addicted. Seventy-four hours of flight training later, when I flew over the city of San Manuel for the first time solo (most of my flight training was over tailings ponds and Arizona desert), I fulfilled the childhood dream of being Superwoman!
The private pilot license led to commercial and flight-instructor ratings, and Lori carefully began keeping notes on the essential piloting skills and peculiarities of backcountry flying. While expanding her piloting experiences working as an air-taxi pilot, she absorbed invaluable insight into the mountains and canyons from the old-timers in ...
Dec 30, 2020 · The best Flight Simulator (MSFS) Addons, with the latest news and releases of freeware and payware aircraft, airports, scenery, tools, and much more!
Years ago I soloed someone in an Ercoupe at John Wayne airport with approximately 4.5 hours of dual training. This student had no prior flight training at all. This book contains a passage (above) indicating that nearly the same minimum solo time was required for solo with a group of students in the Ercoupe in the 1940s.
  • You are not allowed to begin flight training before passing all the final tests at BAA Training and at least 10 exams at CAA. Please note that ICAO English language proficiency test also must be passed...
  • N2831H (1946 ERCOUPE 415-C owned by DON JONES INC) aircraft registration information with aircraft photos, flight tracking, and maps.
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  • Flight Training and Flight Instruction with a 28 Year Career Flight Instructor. Personalized Flight Training To Fit Your Needs. Meet Your Instructor . Private Pilot ...
  • My dad, Theodore W. Stransky, a World War II flight surgeon who later became a private pilot. He flew the Ercoupe, Taylorcraft, Piper Cub and later, Cessna 172s. My uncle, John J. Stransky, also a flight surgeon and private pilot. He flew a 172 and a Navion. Fist Solo: Nov. 24, 1997, Evansville, Ind.; C-152 Initial Training:
  • Jul 19, 2019 · Many have asked about progress on FAA’s proposed rewrite of the Light-Sport Aircraft regulations. Following a lengthy teleconference at the end of June 2019, LAMA, the Light Aircraft Manufacturers Association, provided another update. The update to industry covered a lot of ground but here we’ve tried to make it a quicker read. Two key points: First, FAA is in the early stages of this ...
  • Ercoupe Training Flight, Auburn California. My flight to the 2018 Ercoupe National Convention in my 1947 model 415 CD. It is mostly about flying and the fly out to Spaceport America.
  • Training Aids. Welcome to We're in the process of assembling the most comprehensive free resource on the internet for publicly available documents and manuals that relate...
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