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Of course, of course! Here you go dear, hope you enjoy! First Date With Izuku and Shinso: Izuku: He’s so nervous. Like ever since he got the nerve to ask you out he had been completely terrified whenever he would think about how things may go.

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#SMAU SERIES! JUST UNTIL I WIN! oikawa tooru x reader . genre - fluff, crack and angst. summary - being an assistant athletics trainer for a national team proves to be a job that requires a lot of effort, persistence and dedication. just like your long term relationship with a member of a rivalling team. keeping your relationship with world famous athlete oikawa tooru under wraps is no easy ...

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Honestly, with Deku it was either Straight or Bi. But I chose Bi with a preference for girls, because Deku doesn't seem like the type to care what his partners sex is, as long as he's attracted to them personality wise. I also headcanon him as panromantic, for the same reasons. Minoru Mineta. Seat No. 19
#headcanons #grimm #long post #q ♥ 62 4 years ago. Blake is going to get Yang a mechanical arm like Ironwood. Blake is going to be healed and every one will live. ...
Night Hawks is a fanfiction author that has written 5 stories for Halo, Divergent Trilogy, and Big Hero 6.
#headcanons #grimm #long post #q ♥ 62 4 years ago. Blake is going to get Yang a mechanical arm like Ironwood. Blake is going to be healed and every one will live. ...
Winterhawk: Clint's more upset about Stark than anyone thought, so how would he make his boyfriend the happiest archer on the planet? It’s not so much as one big thing Bucky does for Clint, that makes him the happiest archer, but just a bunch of little things that generally just make Clint’s life easier, while he’s dealing with his grief.
May 30, 2020 · -It’s no secret that Hawks has to work a lot and often late sometimes, and this month has definitely been a busy one for him.-You are well aware of the fact that your boyfriend is a well-known top hero who gets a lot of cases, and although your body began to crave his touch, any touch really, you suck it up, going about your day to day life.
Baseless OMGCP Headcanons. ... omgcp check please jack zimmermann tony hawks twitter. ... your boyfriend has spent $26 on a single bagel every day for the past month.
Ever since you were starting to show, Hawks was on your ass 24/7. bnhafatgum, bnhaeraserhead, keigotakamixreader. 2 So, this here is the part 2 of The Last Nugget :’) This was doing pretty well and @rynxenvy would kill for a part 2 so… here you go :) link: part 1, part. The Last Nugget (Hawks x Reader) pt. Originally posted by poes-finns.
When hawks first met you he swore it was like love at first sight. Endeavor would tease him endlessly about his huge crush on you. Endeavor actually got frustrated with Hawks dancing around his feelings about you so he shoved you two to do patrol together. Let’s just say that night you both talked way more than you did patrolling.
  • as your boyfriend, he doesn’t want you to feel like that. he really cares about you - despite how much he might not show it “hey, idiot!” you hear your boyfriend yell from across the hall. you start to get nervous as he usually refrains from calling you such names, only slipping up here and there. he stomps over to you.
  • Hawks genuinely likes Twice as a person and knows he’s going to have to kill him or something in order to make sure that the villains can’t utilize his power in combat. Personally, Twice is one of my favorite characters, just because he was silly but also has some depth to him.
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  • “If you’re worried about your boyfriend I’ll deal with his screaming,” he walked alongside you, tilting his head to the side as he spoke, “I don’t care. Besides, you still need boots,” You grinned, bumping your shoulder into his.
  • Hourly, minor, aroace, any pronouns <3 fandom list, blacklist, and rules are tagged under...
  • Still, it wasn’t like him to say something like that. Hawks remained by the boys. He flashed a smile and closed his eyes. “Hey, kid. You mind if the lil’ Todoroki and I talk,” Hawks asked. Midoriya smiled and nodded. Midoriya patted Todoroki’s back in comfort before he walked away. Once Midoriya was away, Hawk’s opened his eyes again.
  • #headcanons #grimm #long post #q ♥ 62 4 years ago. Blake is going to get Yang a mechanical arm like Ironwood. Blake is going to be healed and every one will live. ...
  • Alpha Hawks Headcanons - He’s one cocky alpha. Handsome and he knows it too. - He has a dominating scent that makes some omegas steer clear from him while making others swoon over him. His scent is powerful too, and he likes it that way. - However confident he may seem, he’s never had a bonded mate.
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