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The Shock Hammers are our line of bullets that we designed for normal range hunting, where bc is inconsequential. So for most cartridges 400y or less. The Shock Hammer line is approximately an 80% weight retention bullet that has a larger hollow point for super quick opening on game with high retention for long straight penetration.

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A hollow point projectile can double in diameter if properly designed. For example, a .40 caliber round can become over 3/4 of an inch in diameter after being fired into a "soft" target Hollow Point. A type of bullet that has a lead core and a swagged jacket but leaves the front portion of the projectile exposed.

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7.62x39 Bullet Expansion: Soft Point vs. Hollow Point vs. FMJ - Brown Bear, Golden Bear Pitting 7.62x39 Full Metal Jacket against Soft Point and Hollow Point rounds. The test media? Trying out some Igman brand 7.62x54R 150 grain soft point hunting ammo in the Mosin Nagant PU sniper rifle.
Jul 03, 2019 · Soft-point bullets have less of a jacket, as the tip of the bullet (sometimes more than just the tip) is soft lead. This leads to expansion occurring, though less than that of hollow point rounds. These are very popular for hunting, as controlled expansion is a desired trait in hunting ammunition. Soft-point ammo is made for handguns ...
Hollow and soft point bullets can produce enormous carnage inside of a target. Instead of passing straight through a target like their full metal jacket This is one reason that these bullets are excellent for hunting. Wounds tend to be far more devastating than with full metal jacket bullets, but the soft...
If an open-tipped match bullet looks like a hollow-point bullet, how does one tell the difference? How does each type perform, and what does With that out of the way, the first and most easiest answer to the first two questions is "JHPs are designed to meet hunting requirements, and OTMs are designed...
However, several companies also produce soft point, hollow point, or even ballistic tipped bullets designed for self defense or hunting applications. Just as a point of comparison, the .30 Carbine has more than double the muzzle energy of the .45 ACP, over 25% more muzzle energy than the 10mm Auto , about 25% less energy than the 5.56x45mm NATO ...
2 days ago · These hollow point lead bullets are all hand cast and soft enough to seal the bore on your firearm as well as expand. They shoot very accurately with little to no leading if loaded properly and insuring proper fit. We also offer a few non hollow point cast bullets for your ammunition reloading needs.
40 Grain Semi-Jacketed Soft Point High Velocity Muzzle Velocity 1875 fps Velocity at 100 Yards 1433 fps Muzzle Energy 312 ft/lbs Energy at 100 Yards 182 ft/lbs Uses: Hunting Small Game, Target Shooting, and Plinking 50 rounds per box. To buy a full case, order 10 boxes. Ammo Price is per box.
Nov 21, 2004 · I'm going hunting soon for some hogs. I was wondering if there was much difference in useing heavy grain hollow points and soft points. I'd like to drop them as fast as the small bullet will allow. I dont expect them to thud like a 30-06, but i also dont want them running off. and I need some sleep, i'll check back in the morning.. thanks yall ...
  • Yeah, they do quite well in my experience. I've taken 5-6 average size whitetail with solid results. I'd probably pick some up if they were 500, but I don't really need a whole case of hunting 7.62x39.
  • Apr 01, 2013 · The real benefit of that polymer spire-point tip becomes more evident in the next hundred yards. By the time the 300-grain hollow-point version of this bullet gets to 200 yards, velocity is down to around 1,350 f.p.s., with about 1,210 f.p.e. The sleeker spire-point retains 1,450 f.p.s. at 200 yards, and hits with right at 1,400 f.p.e.
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  • Personally, I've always preferred soft points first, polytip second, and hollow point third, for the .22 centerfires, for terminal effects (and the reverse order for accuracy). The issue with hollow points is I've seen inconsistent expansion. Usually they do a pretty good job, but sometimes they pass through without expanding.
  • Hollow Point vs. Soft Point: Hollow Pointed Bullets (HP) have a tip that expands so that a larger area of injury occurs. Soft Pointed (SP) bullets have a jacket that leaves part of a soft bullet tip exposed. The tip will still expand and deform, but at a greater rate than a standard hollow point. These are the standard self-defense rounds.
  • A soft-point bullet (SP), also known as a soft-nosed bullet, is a jacketed expanding bullet with a soft metal core enclosed by a stronger metal jacket left open at the forward tip. A soft-point bullet is intended to expand upon striking flesh to cause a wound diameter greater than the bullet diameter.
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