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Haplogroup I1c subgroup is defined by marker M223 which occurred with a genetic mutation in a man living in southern France around 14,000 to 18,000 years ago. Members of this group were hunters who used teamwork to hunt large game.

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Several members from our Spearin group volunteered to be involved in testing newly discovered SNP's (single nucleotide polymorphisms) as part of the I-M223 Y-haplogroup project at FTDNA headed by Aaron Torres and Wayne Roberts. The results so far reveal that the members of GF1 belong to the I2b1 (I2a2a) subgroup "Cont1".

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I just got my results from AncestryDNA. What are some ways to find my haplogroup through my raw DNA data? I do not know a tool, as of yet, for filtering these sections out to determine haplogroups but I'm still searching.
(MDR most distant relative-ancestor MDA) Most Distant Relative/Ancestor, during research went from Rimington to Bec to Schinkel, (near Hedeby; The ‘People of the British Isles’ project and Viking settlement in England) Germany. 811225 Christoph Ewald, b. 1789, d. 1876 Germany I-M223
Peter Moore Y tested and validated (Moore Y DNA Project GROUP 13: Kit #s 94503 and 58635, participants) to haplogroup I-BY34685; David King Moore participant kit #90538 is haplogroup R-M269 in GROUP 27 of the Moore Project *seeking mtDNA candidate descedant of Rebecca Moore for mtDNA test participant for this line* (Y-DNA tested, haplogroup I-M253)
Jun 09, 2012 · The mutations Z282 and Z283 in Y-haplogroup R1a1a seem to have pretty much the same age. The "Roots group" of the haplogroup I2a2a* (old I2b1*) in Europe seem to be L1229+ (group "1.1") or L1230+(group "1.2"), at least in the FTDNA I2b1/M223 Y-CLAN STUDY. The Sorani Kurd (at the bottom of the list above) was part of this group but turned out to ...
For haplogroups M and S NevGen has no means to predict them, because no usable haplotype data for them is available. For haplogroups C and O available data is a bit better than for H and D, but that is still not enough their quality to be comparable to haplogroups from Western Eurasia.
"OpenProject helped me to visualise my project's timeline and have a better overview. Also, all my team members were able to have access to all project information at any time which reduced the coordination for me." Jana Schilling District Office Enzkreis, Department Modern Administration...
Haplogroup DNA project admins are the ones most familiar with the current developments in a given haplogroup. [1] Roberts, Wayne R. "Re: [yDNAhgI] Hap I2 L126 Isles Scot Big Y," Rootsweb: Y-DNA-HAPLOGROUP-I-L Archives. 20 Nov 2013.
Haplogroups work a lot like surnames. There was a first man to be I-M223. Here's just a not-at-all-random sampling of surnames from I-M223 projects on the Internet— Dryer (German) , Kazadzidis (Trapezuntine Greek), Pereira (Brazilian), Chumley (English), Bényi (Hungarian), Al Jaafari (Egyptian)...
I2-M223 y-Haplogroup. aka I2a2a, CTS1616, P221/P223; (very large clade, half of I2; incl. VANCE of Scotland; President Andrew JOHNSON; Chuck NORRIS).
  • The I-M223 Walk Through the Y (WTY) Project began in April of 2009 and concluded in November 2013 with the introduction of the Big Y and now in 2018, Big Y-500 test. Also make sure to follow the Geno 2.0 and Big Y developments. Please view and use the Activity Feed Page for news, discussion and questions.
  • Apr 30, 2015 · Less rare are the sub-haplogroups I2c-L596 (samples 753–762), defined by L597, whose distribution indicates a possible origin in Central Europe, and I2a2a-M223 (samples 743–752) . Sub-haplogroup I2a1-P37.2 is present in our samples in two clades, I2a1b-M423 (samples 741–742) and I2a1a-M26, reaching the percentage of 38.9% (samples 277 ...
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  • I just got my results from AncestryDNA. What are some ways to find my haplogroup through my raw DNA data? I do not know a tool, as of yet, for filtering these sections out to determine haplogroups but I'm still searching.
  • New Haplogroup G Paper. The coalescent times (Td) of various haplogroups were estimated using the ASD 0 methodology described by Zhivotovsky et al, 32 modified according to Sengupta et al. 13 We used the evolutionary effective mutation rate of 6.9x10 –4 per 25 years, as pedigree rates are arguably only pertinent to shallow rooted familial pedigrees, 33 as they do not consider the ...
  • Do you want examples of service projects you can do? Community service is a great way to help others and improve your community, and it can also help you gain skills and experience to include on your resume and college applications.
  • Then enter the name of your desired SNP, its position (hg38) on ChrY, the ancestral and derived mutation bases and the haplogroup where it’s been observed in the “Add Comments About Your Order” field. Please do not suggest SNPs in the following hg38 regions: chrY:1..2781479 (pseudo autosomal region 1, PAR1)
  • Jun 25, 2017 · Haplogroup I1: “The haplogroup reaches its peak frequencies in Sweden (52 percent of males in Västra Götaland County) and western Finland (more than 50 percent in Satakunta province).[6] In terms of national averages, I-M253 is found in 35–38 per cent of Swedish males, 32.8% of Danish males, about 31.5% of Norwegian males and about 28% of ...
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