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Dec 22, 2020 · Below is a master list of the names, acronyms, initialisms, and abbreviations associated with the un-manned satellites that are mentioned in this Website. Each satellite acronym and/or name is associated with a type/discipline which links to the page where the satellite (or satellites in that series) is (are) found.

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The usability degree of a Graphical User Interface (GUI) might deteriorate after a design change, and detecting this quality loss quickly can be challenging. Automating heuristic-based usability inspection even partially could reduce the efforts required for sustaining an appropriate level of usability.
Developed an interactive web application on Spring Boot using MySQL database and devised automated testing for it Utilized cutting-edge Java-Script, CSS and HTML techniques, framework and libraries to translate design to front-end code
The Wide Field Imager will search for Type Ia supernovae (SN Ia) at low redshift in the optical and near IR part of the spectrum with the aim of measuring the changing rate of expansion of the Universe and determining the contributions of decelerating and accelerating energies such as the mass density, the vacuum energy density and other yet-to-be-studied dark energies.
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MiniSAT Saliva has a significant antioxidant capacity that is preliminary to many of its protective functions. This capacity can be easily determined with the MiniSat system, the first instrument in the world that can measure the antioxidant potential of saliva in a simple and reliable way, in just one minute.
Genetic Improvement is an area of Search Based Software Engineering that aims to apply evolutionary computing operators to the software source code to improve it according to one or more quality metrics. This article describes challenges related to experimental studies using Genetic Improvement in JavaScript (an interpreted and non-typed language). It describes our experience on performing a ...
NOR interface through demand Flash Translation Layer Low Level (LLD) Block Management ( BML) Adapt-ation Module through demand-paging scheme OneNAND® Flash Memory Devices Device Driver • Performance enhancement Provable SW Lab. 11 CS Dept. KAIST Flash Memory Devices
Radio MINISAT este liderul de necontestat al presei audio dâmboviţene. Permanent conectat la dorinţele ascultătorilor, întotdeauna sensibil la realităţile comunităţii în care este perfect integrat, Radio MINISAT reprezintă vocea la unison a sutelor de mii de ascultători acordaţi pe frecvenţa care le aduce in viaţă ritm, culoare şi veselie.
Sep 06, 2020 · The homepage of opam, a package manager for OCaml. Fast, portable, and opinionated build system. dune is a build system that was designed to simplify the release of Jane Street packages.
  • Abstract Yosys (Yosys Open Synthesis Suite) is an open source project aiming at creating a fully-featured HDL synthesis tool, and more. Lately a lot of features related to formal verification have been added to Yosys.
  • Minisat is a infrastructure management tool, built on Django framework, to provision virtual machines and run Docker containers on remote hosts.
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