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The Haliwa-Saponi, primarily based in Halifax County and formally recognized by the State of North Carolina in 1965. The Occaneechi Band of the Saponi Nation was formally recognized by the State of North Carolina after a court battle which ended in 2001.

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Occaneechi Band of the Saponi Nation: self-named tribe from the Saponi people, now most live in Alamance and Oragne county (LAVENDER!) Sap pony: named for the town they lived near, now most live in Halifax and Person county (NAVY!)

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The names of the West Virginia tribes included the Cherokee, Iroquois, Manahoac, Meherrin, Monacan, Nottaway, Occaneechi, Saponi and Shawnee. Fast Facts about the History of West Virginia Indians The way of life and history of West Virginia Indians was dictated by the natural raw materials available in the State of West Virginia.
additional, Occaneechi graves would be found later (Driscoll et al. 2001). Given the village's size, the small number of houses, and a general lack of evidence for rebuilding, the Occaneechi probably lived here for no more than a decade and their village population consisted of 60 to 75 individuals (Davis and Ward 1991; Ward and Davis 1988:120).
Occaneechi Band of the Saponi Nation Crystal Cavalier is a Certified Cyber and Information Security Analyst. She is an expert in her field of Strategic Intelligence and cyber security. She has conducted training around the East Coast on Coordinated Tribal/Community Response for emergency management through disasters (natural or man-made).
Occaneechi Band of the Saponi Nation In August 2002, the Occaneechi Band of the Saponi Nation embarked on an ambitious project; to begin buying back a portion of its ancestral lands in the “Little Texas” Community of NE Alamance County, North Carolina. This was called the Occaneechi Homeland Preservation Project.
The Haliwa-Saponi Tribal community began coalescing in “The Meadows” of southwestern Halifax County immediately after the American Revolution. Up through the 1900s they fought against incursions from other tribes including the Iroquois Five Nations now based in New York state.
Occaneechi: A Past and Present Journey Occaneechi Band of the Saponi Nation. 8 min. Yellow Shark Media. Produced for the Orange County Historical Museum in Orange County, North Carolina.
Sep 04, 2008 · Author of Haithcock families of Ohio and the allied families from North Carolina, Occaneechi, Saponi, and Tutelo of the Saponi Nation
Haliwa‐Saponi Lumbee Meherrin Occaneechi Sappony Waccamaw‐Siouan Cumberland County Association for Indian People Guilford Native American Association Metrolina Native American Association Triangle Native American Society
Jan 01, 2008 · Occaneechi Town was almost completely abandoned by 1713, when the Occaneechi signed a Treaty of Peace with the Virginia colonial government at Williamsburg. At that point, it is indicated from reading the document that the Occaneechi, Stuckanok, and Tottero, although signing the treaty separately, were dominated by the Saponi.
  • Dec 10, 2007 · Occaneechi Homeland Preservation Project Bringing the Past and Future Together In August 2002, the Occaneechi Band of the Saponi Nation embarked on an ambitious project; to begin buying back a portion of its ancestral lands in the “Little Texas” Community of NE Alamance County, North Carolina.
  • Occaneechi and the other allied tribes followed. They was all moving toward the settler’s settlements so Saponi village was no longer safe..They crossed the Roanoak river before the Tuskarora war of 1711.Their new Village was called Sapona townn.
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  • the Saponi, Keyauwee, and Occaneechi. Before reaching the Occaneechi Indians, Lawson met a party of Virginia traders THE HISTORY CAROLINA, CONTAINING THE Exa& Defcrip:ion and Natural Hi/îory OF THAT COUNTRY Tocether with the Prefent State thereof. AND A JOURNAL Of a Thoufand Miles, Travel'd thro' feveral Nations of I ND IA NS.
  • Lawrence Dunmore III, Esq., and former chairperson of the Occaneechi Saponi Band of the Saponi Nation in Hillsborough, NC, has studied the Tutelo language extensively and explained to me that there is confusion surrounding the English corruption of Saponi tribal names.
  • Occaneechi Band of the Saponi Nation, Inc.、Mebane, NC - 「いいね!」4,744件 · 18人が話題にしています - Contact Info: Website: www.obsn.org Phone: 336-421-1317 Mailing address: P.O. Box 356 - Mebane, NC 27302...
  • Oct 03, 2018 · These persons would now be identified as Lumbee, Alabama Creek, Meherrin, Haliwa, and Occaneechi (Saponi), along with a number of individuals who probably were of unmixed white or black ancestry. "At least 20 Occaneechi descendants also applied; all were rejected by the commission as not being of Eastern Cherokee ancestry.
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