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There is most likely a short on their inside wiring. The TelCo sends the signal to your buddy's house (this is where you here two rings), then the short cuases the TelCo to think there is someone...

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I dont know if I can get some help, I'm trying to ring a friend of mine who lives quite far away from me. When I try ringing the phone number it beeps three time and then the call ends. I haven't had any contact with him since and I'm just worried if his phone was stolen/lost? Any help is much appreiated. Thanks.

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Re: Outbound calls occasionally receive fast busy signal - Please give any suggestions Jump to solution long story short, there was a nationwide outage for landline phones for comcast business customers, and when they were resolving it they "inadvertantly" reset, and removed configurations for lines that were previously configured.
Callers get a fast busy signal. Details. Calling Issues (Making ... then it goes to fast busy, or a permanent ring loop. Sometimes it appears that the caller hung up and dialed again, but they tell me that they phone was still ringing from their side. ... directed to landline phone often will have busy signal or has message that it is not a ...
(SOUND: PHONE RINGS.) HARDING (Picks up phone on second ring): Sheriff's office. Deputy Harding speaking. THE RATTLER (Hisses, then with a low menacing voice): Rattle-Rattle, Deputy. Tonight I strike at ten o'clock. Rattle-Rattle, Deputy. Try to guess on which block. (SOUND: A BABY"S RATTLE; THEN THE PHONE LINE GOES TO DIAL TONE. PHONE IS PUT ...
Hang up after receiving a busy signal or no answer. Pick up the handset and listen for dial tone. Press *66 or dial 1166 on a rotary dial phone. If the line is Not Busy: Listen for normal ringing. If the line is Busy: Listen for announcement. Hang up and you will hear a special ring when the line is free. To cancel: Listen for dial tone.
If the other phone is busy, you'll hear an announcement. Call Return tries the number for up to 30 minutes, and you're still able to make and receive other calls. When your call is ready, you'll receive a special short-short-long ring on your line. Just answer your phone, and the other phone rings to complete your call.
Feb 21, 2014 · If you call a verizon cell phone and it rings and then goes to a busy signal does that mean the phone has been - Answered by a verified Cell Phone Technician We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website.
FEATURE + 3 - Selects the tone of the ring. The telephone has four ringer tones. While your telephone is ringing, press FEATURE + 3 to change the ring tone. Continue to press FEATURE + 3 to hear other tones. Stop at the tone of your choice. FEATURE + 5 - Activates the speakerphone. Press FEATURE + 5 to use your telephone as a speakerphone.
Nov 11, 2019 · The phone system you’re using might have a multiple lines feature. This means that callers can dial one number, and several devices ring. This is ideal for large customer support teams. You can give your customers one contact number. Then, when they call, every desk phone rings.
If you're unable to answer the 2nd call, it will ring quietly 2 times, continue to flash 2 times and then divert. A third call will busy divert. Answering Calls: When Access 1 rings, lift handset to answer. When a call rings on Access 2, press Access 2 (this places the first call on hold).
  • Another type of fax switch is a distinctive ring fax switch, which is a device that tests a phone line for a distinctive ring signal and routes the call to a specific device (example: phone, phone system, answering machine, fax machine. fax modem). For more info see Distinctive Ring Definition and Use.
  • Cell phone rings twice then gives busy signal. The phone rings and when i answer the phone icannot hear the caller and the caller cannot hear me.the phone is a sony xperia s? Phone rings once or twice on incoming calls then busy signal? Phone rings several times then busy signal
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  • My phone had been working fine for weeks, but lately when anyone tries to call they just get a busy signal. I can make outgoing calls fine and sometimes after doing a reset I can receive calls for a little while, but it always goes back to busy. If the phone is off sometimes it is still busy or goes right to voicemail.
  • Call Forwarding is another feature that can cause seemingly unusual behavior on your phone. If your line has call forwarding activated, any incoming calls will ring once before they are forwarded. It's easy to turn off call forwarding — press *73 or 73#, depending on your location. This will allow calls to ring through to your line as normal.
  • In fact, on any phone, pulse dialing can be simulated by quickly depressing the switchhook multiple times (once for "1", twice for "2", etc.). This is one way to bypass a dialing lock, which is intended to prevent anyone from making outgoing calls from a particular phone (often used in offices or other places where many people have access to the telephone).
  • To cancel Ring again. Lift your handset and dial 58, it is now cancelled. Speed Dialing This feature allows you to program and store 30 telephone numbers. They can then be dialed automatically by dialing a code. (Use codes 00-29) To Program. Lift the handset and dial 54. You’ll hear a confirmation tone then steady dial tone.
  • 18559257079 Bell Canada Tech Support Phone Number. 177 likes · 1 talking about this. Contact to Bell Canada Technical Support for Customer Service Helpline Toll Free Number and resolve Password Reset...
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