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DK Crochet Patterns. DK (double knit) yarn is a crochet staple! Discover thousands of DK crochet patterns, including free DK crochet patterns, for all the projects you could ever want! From fun amigurumi patterns to homeware projects like crochet baskets. There's so much fun to have with DK yarn and there are so many amazing projects to get ...

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Please note that some of these finger-size crochet animals can also be bought. Yes you’re hearing this right. They can be bough on Etsy from the SuAmi shop. And also be advised that they are in no way, cheap. Take the cute lion below : he’ll set you back a good $116.

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Jul 15, 2020 · The sloth may be one of the world’s slowest animals, but it certainly is a crafty little creature. After all, it has somehow managed to become an animal worthy of placement on everything from...
Small Heart. With cotton crochet thread size 10 in red and hook 6/1.8 mm, Ch 4; Rnd 1.Make all of the next stitches in fourth Ch from hook (the first Ch made) working under both loops – 3 DC, 3 HDC, Ch 1, DC (Heart point), Ch 1, 3 HDC, 3 DC, Ch 3, Sl St in center.
Dec 04, 2017 · sc = single crochet inc = increase (two sc in one stitch) dec = decrease (2 stitches crocheted together) F.o. = finish off ( ) = number of stitches you should have at the end of the round/row ( )*6 = repeat whatever is between the brackets the number of times stated. Crochet dog free amigurumi pattern! There is no pattern for a sweater.
I love crocheting, and dedicate my blog to all my creations. The name of the blog, amieggs, comes from the Amieggs are little crochet eggs dressed up as a bunch of things… from animals to food!
Jul 31, 2009 · Meet the bunny rabbit, dog, duck, elephant and turtle. All are friendly as can be and are more than willing to hold your cup so that your table doesn’t get messy. Crochet them for kids to love and also for the adults who cannot deny how cute they truly are.
Sep 13, 2018 · 15 CUTE ANIMAL CROCHET TOY PATTERNS Crochet Octopus Pattern/ Amigurumi Octopus. This octopus crochet toy pattern is simply sweet and adorable. How can you... Lazy Rainbow Unicorn Amigurumi Animal Crochet Toy Pattern. I’m simply in love this, and I hold this pattern by Tiny... James the Giraffe ...
2 mm crochet hook yarn in various color (color depend on animal you want to make) Needle for sewing Stuff Scissors Small black beads for eyes Note: Work in continuous round Head: R1: ch 2, starting from second chain from hook 6 sc R2: inc, rep 6x (12) R3: sc, inc, rep 6x (18) R4: sc, inc, [2 sc, inc = rep 5x], sc (24) R5: 3 sc, inc, rep 6x (30)
This is the book to keep in your crochet bag. Complete reference on stitches, hooks, yarns, and many techniques. Spiral-bound for easy use. Crochet for Barbie Doll Lots of projects to make for Barbie - more than 75! Patterns for Ken and their home, too. Crochet Lace With Complete Diagrams
Mice love cheese. This Little Mouse is very simple to make.You just need to know basic crochet stitches,grey and pink yarn,crochet hook,safety eyes,needle for sewing,stuffing and a good mood. My Mouse is with ears 20 cm tall. ABBREVIATIONS. mr – magic ring sc – single crochet stitch inc – crochet two single crochet stitches in […]
  • Download Lily Sugar'n Cream Scrubbing in the Round Crochet Dishcloth Free Pattern crochet. Go to Product: Lily Sugar'n Cream Crochet Bath Pouf skill level: Easy.
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  • Crochet a menagerie that will spark the imagination! Kids of all ages will love playing with these colorful Coats and Clark Crochet Animals Big and Small. Even adults will enjoy having smaller stuffed friends. Choose from four huggable dinosaurs that were inspired by actual reptiles that roamed the Earth during prehistoric times.
  • Mar 20, 2016 · This Bunny Crochet Applique is super quick and easy! You can use it to turn any ordinary project into bunny project :). You can use it to turn any ordinary project into bunny project :). Tags: Amigurumi , basket , bsket , bunny , bunny crochet patterns , compilation , easter , easter basket , egg cozy , Free , FREE crochet patterns , rabbit ...
  • Crochet Animals Big & Small Booklet 11 Patterns Dinosaurs And Other Amigurumi. Condition is "used”. Page 3 in the book was cut wrong because it had a fold in it. Page is complete. Book is 40 pages. Coats & Clarks. I made several of these, they are great patterns for various sized toys. Shipped with USPS Media Mail
  • *****OPEN*****Magic Ring chain 2 method pattern here
  • Sc – Single Crochet. Inc – Increase. Work 2 sc into the same st. Dec – Decrease. Work 2 sc together. Hdc – Half double crochet. Dc – Double crochet. Body (make 2 panels) with Overcast (grey) coloured yarn: We will start at the back of the body and work towards the head. Row 1: Ch 26, sc across chs (25 sts) Rows 2-42: sc across (25 sts)
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