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The yurt (mongolian: Ger) is the traditional dwelling of the nomads in Mongolia, as well as in the neighbouring countries, over to as far as in Turkey. It is a tent-like structure made from a wooden...

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Modern yurts are based on the traditional nomadic living space of Central Asia. Yurt homes have been in use for over three thousand years, in extreme conditions. A relatively recent development is the modern yurt. This kind of yurt is the strongest possible configuration for a fabric covered yurt type structure.

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The polished floor and traditional two-skin cover keep the yurt draft-free and ensure a constant ambient temperature. A central skylight allows ventilation as well as romantic star-gazing. The Palacio Yurt boasts the most magnificent views down to the ocean and Arrieta’s golden sand beach.
The Yurt at CCAT . The yurt at CCAT, as pictured above, differs in design from both traditional and imported styles of yurts. The most notable differences are that the walls are made out of plywood board and the roof is covered in wood shingles. Also, on the inside, there is a bench built into the wall that circumscribes the entire floor.
The igloo is a traditional eskimo or inuit dwelling. Russia’s Inuit population is the largest in the world, consisting of over 170,000 people, mostly in the Chukotka Region. ... Yurt. Alexandr ...
Yurt Homes omes – Wooden Yurt Kit Homes. Living in round homes offers an opportunity to find ourselves more in harmony with the natural rhythms of life. When we look around in our world we see that many things in Nature are round – the Earth is round, the Sun and Moon are round, the seasons and cycles of life go around.
Nov 18, 2015 · Santa Barbara Yurt: This guest yurt at a Santa Barbara ranch features an African tribal shield above the bed, as well as a vintage pendant lamp and reclaimed wood for the bathroom washstand. The result is a light and airy space that we wouldn’t mind living in. (via Magazine C )
Pacific Yurts sets the highest standard for quality, service and proven performance. As the original designer and manufacturer of the modern yurt, we have built an unrivaled track record of success and innovation. And now we have made it even easier to design and price your yurt with our ALL NEW Yurt Builder 3D™.
We produce The Finest Quality Yurts & Tipis direct to clients around the UK, Utilising traditional production methods of construction in our barn workshop. We source our timber direct from local woodlands and try to create the least environmental impact with our business and approach.
A Yurt, or Ger in Mongolia, is a portable, felt-covered, wood lattice-framed dwelling structure traditionally used by nomads in the steppes of Central Asia. The Yaranga, used by peoples in the Northern parts of Russia, is a similar form of shelter.
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  • Jul 18, 2017 · Mongolian Yurt Elementary PREMIUM. Learn how to talk about Mongolian cuisine, travel in Mongolia, and discuss what you've done when travelling.
  • Yurts are a cheap and relatively comfortable way to live that don’t require a large investment in time or money compared to a more traditional tiny home or full size house. They come from the steps of Asia where mongols and related peoples have used them to survive the frigid Siberian winters.
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  • Apr 07, 2017 · Why You Should Consider Staying in a Yurt This Year ... then forgoing a traditional tent for a more glamorous outdoor structure perched in a striking setting may be the best choice for you. In a ...
  • Whether you require traditional yurt for camping, hiking or even medical missions, has the right fit for you. Quality traditional yurt available at lowest prices.
  • Elegant wooden framed yurts handmade in the Cotswolds by our craftsmen. A charming and quirky alternative to the traditional marquee; perfect for weddings and events.
  • Traditional yurts are breathable structures, pleasant to be in and good at coping with moisture. They are light, mobile, and relatively easy to erect. Yurts can speak to the nomadic impulse in people, and their advocates talk of the spiritual aspect of yurt-living, seeing yurts as an ideal escape from the pressures of a high-tech society.
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