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USB to UART Bridge IC (HT42B534-1 EOL) The HT42B534-x device is a high performance USB to UART bridge controller with fully integrated USB and UART interface functions, designed for applications that communicate with various types of UART. The device includes a USB 2.0 full speed compatible interface which is used for PC communication.

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I did some research on the OMAP4430 (the CPU in our dear KF) to try and find out where the UART interface might be accessed. Looking at the datasheet we get a feeling of all the ball points ("pins") on the CPU. (Observe that this is seen from under the CPU)

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Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter (UART) Controller Arasan Chip Systems, Inc. 2010 North First Street, Suite #510 San Jose, CA 95131 Ph:408-282-1600 Fx:408-282-7800 June, 2018
DATASHEET The Intersil 82C52 is a high performance programmable Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter (UART) and Baud Rate Generator (BRG) on a single chip. Utilizing the Intersil advanced Scaled SAJI IV CMOS process, the 82C52 will support data rates up to 1M baud asynchronously with a 16X clock (16MHz clock frequency).
The MAX14830 is an advanced quad universal asynchronous receiver-transmitter (UART), each UART having 128 words of receive and transmit first-in/first-out (FIFO) and a high-speed serial peripheral interface (SPI) or I 2 C controller interface. A PLL and fractional baud-rate generators allow a high degree of flexibility in baud-rate programming and reference clock selection.
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the transmit request for the UART. 3.2.3 Configuration Several registers control the operation of the UART. Register Description: Address Name R/W Description +0x02 baudrate_lb r/W Baudrate, low byte +0x03 baudrate_hb r/W Baudrate, high byte +0x04 Config r/W UART configuration [0]: tx enable: '0': transmit disabled '1': enables the transmit path
RI2# C7 I UART channel 2 Ring Indicator or general purpose input (active LOW). If unused, a pull-up or pull-down resistor is recommended on this pin. TX3 N5 O UART channel 3 Transmit Data or infrared transmit data. RX3 R5 I UART channel 3 Receive Data or infrared receive data. Normal RXD input idles at HIGH condition.
I did some research on the OMAP4430 (the CPU in our dear KF) to try and find out where the UART interface might be accessed. Looking at the datasheet we get a feeling of all the ball points ("pins") on the CPU. (Observe that this is seen from under the CPU)
Universal Asynchronous Receiver/ Transmitter (UART) To transfer data, computers adopt two method: serial and parallel. In serial communication data is sent a bit at a time (1 line)while in parallel communication 8 or more lines are often used to transfer data. The UART is a form of serial communication
The UART routines that receive characters into the ring buffer and the receive interrupt work fine. Where I am running into trouble is when I send characters via uart_putchar or uart_puts. it seems like the while loop that looks at IFG2 & UCA0TXIFX is where my problem seems to occur.
  • The TTL-232R is a USB to TTL serial converter cable incorporating FTDI’s FT232RQ USB - Serial UART interface IC device, the latest device to be added to FTDI’s range of USB UART interface Integrated Circuit Devices. It is designed to allow for a fast, simple way to connect devices with a TTL level serial interface to USB.
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  • A universal asynchronous receiver-transmitter (UART / ˈ juː ɑːr t /) is a computer hardware device for asynchronous serial communication in which the data format and transmission speeds are configurable. It sends data bits one by one, from the least significant to the most significant, framed by start and stop bits so that precise timing is handled by the communication channel.
  • TMC2209 DATASHEET (Rev. 1.03 / 2019-JUN-26) 5 the CPU is granted by the INDEX and DIAG output signals. Enable or disable the motor using the ENN pin. OPTION 2: Standalone STEP/DIR Driver with OTP pre-configuration Additional options enabled by pre-programming OTP memory (label UART & OTP):
  • The UART interface provides asynchronous serial communication with other UART devices operating at speeds of up to 3 Mbits/second. It supports 7 to 8 data bits, 1 to 2 stop bits, odd, even, mark, space, and no parity. The UART interface supports full-duplex communication with a signaling format compatible with the standard UART protocol.
  • UART stand for Universal Asynchronous Receivers/Transmitters. It is a form of serial communication. The synchronized is by software, but it's called Asynchronous since it exists synchronized by...
  • Product Overview The μArt is a USB to UART adapter for all electronics operating at 1.8 – 5.4 volts. UART pins RTS, CTS, DTR enable reliable high-speed data exchange up to 3Mbaud and allow fully automatic firmware flashing of connected electronics.
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