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Please note that, due to sheer volume, FT8 spots are treated differently on RBN and are not directly visible on the web site. For the same reason, some cluster nodes do not forward them. Examples of cluster nodes that do carry FT8 spots are W9PA-5 (telnet: and VE7CC (telnet: using the SET/FT8 command).

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Mar 18, 2019 · 700 amateur radio topics - 6,000 links & 133 pages - from antennas to zones

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The AIX LVM commands are single node administrative commands, and are not applicable in a clustered configuration. Due to the special device characteristics required by the cluster repository disk, a raw section of the disk and a section of the disk that contains a special volume group and...
So filter commands are sent to all the skimmers and clusters. If they understand fine, otherwise it does not matter. It would be nice to define by cluster/skimmer whether filters apply and which one. Will the filter screens get an APPLY or SAVE button. At the moment whenever I tick a cty as part of the filter, a cluster command is sent immediately.
You can do filter settings on the command line but it can become really complex and cryptic so the use of the User Program is recommended. Temporarily stop showing all dx spots; unset/dx or set/nodx; You have a hard time typing in any commands unless you do this because skimmer spots are damn too fast! To get the spots back on, type; set/dx
Logger32 will communicate quite happily with the Elecraft K3 and other radios via their serial ports. Elecraft radios emulate the Kenwood command set, but choose the right radio type to get the full range of commands. There’s a K2/K3 section in the Logger32 help file that tells you how to configure the radio comms. DA: 41 PA: 78 MOZ Rank: 72
source <(kubectl completion zsh) # настройка автодополнения в текущую сессию zsh echo "[[ $commands[kubectl] ]] && source <(kubectl completion zsh)" >> ~/.zshrc # add autocomplete permanently to your zsh shell.
command. Both ARClusterV6 and VE7CC Cluster nodes have this capability. Some logging programs and Telnet clients may also have this built in. 2. If you use the RBN and your logging software lets you set a packet time-out value, set it for no longer than 10 minutes to cut down on the number “stale” spots. The
Apr 08, 2017 · VE6DXC DXSpider Cluster (Calgary, AB) VE7CC: (dynamically assigned) call : VE7CC CC-Cluster (Whonnock, BC); Skimmer capable: VE9EMO: call : VE9EMO DXSpider, the New-Brunswick DX Cluster: VE9SC: (dynamically assigned) call : VE9SC DX Spider (Moncton, NB) YV6BTF: (dynamically assigned) call
Subject: [CC-User] FT8 Spots Now VE7CC-1 I am testing a new version of CC Cluster. This version has many bug fixes. FT8 spots are once again available. Sources for FT8 include the RBN and PSKreporter as well as a few human entered spots. Let me know if there are any problems. Lee VE7CC---This email has been checked for viruses by AVG. https ...
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  • 5 mini cooper shown with cp-5m universal lip mount and coax cable combination. no holes to drill! model ant conn / coax conn cp-5m so-239 / pl-259 cp-5nmo nmo / pl-259 cp-5 3/8-24 3/8-24 / pl-259 life is a journey.
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  • Скачать VE7CC 2.3500 бесплатно. VE7CC is a simple to use piece of software that radio amateurs can use to communicate online.Here are some key features of \. VE7CC 2.3500. Размер: 3072 Kb. Статус (Цена) : Бесплатно.
  • I suggest you can use cluster res command to know the status of all resources with corresponding groups & nodes. Moreover it is a single command to monitor cluster resources status. BTW find the below info and your commands output will be like.
  • Apr 23, 2017 · CLUSTER set -privilege advanced (required to be in advanced mode for the below commands) cluster statistics show (shows statistics of the cluster – CPU, NFS, CIFS, FCP, Cluster Interconnect Traffic) cluster ring show -unitname vldb (check if volume location database is in quorum)
  • Nov 08, 2010 · In the case of a KSDS you can start at the beginning of the file by moving low values to the RIDFLD when you issue STARTBR. If you have defined a numeric key field, move zeroes to the key field, as the compiler wont allow you to move low values to the key field.
  • stcli cluster enable-data-write-thru Command. stcli cluster get-cluster-access-policy Command. cluster info Command, on page 7. stcli cluster Commands 2.
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