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Can-Seed Equipment has specialized Hemp Processing equipment for efficient cleaning, sorting and dehulling. Whether you’re pelletizing, oil pressing or just producing for consumption we have the equipment for your business. We create custom designs for your facility and explain the quotes and drawings in great detail.

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Industrial hemp is typically cultivated for fiber, seed, and cannabidiol (CBD) oil. After national legalization under the 2018 Farm Bill, whereby industrial hemp and its derivatives containing less than 0.3% THC were removed from the Controlled Substances Act, New Jersey became one of forty-six states that have legalized hemp farming in 2019.

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For Sale - Selection of Harvesting Equipment used this season for Hemp/CBD harvesting. Please call for current inventory, for more information or ideas for harvesting your crop. Listed are a few of the pieces we used ourselves or sold for the 2019 hemp season. - Byron 8240 Harvester - John Deere 7800/7450 Forage Harvester
When hemp seed is harvested tough, the seed heads (buds) will still be mostly green. A few of the leaves on the seed head will be turning brown. The stem fibres will have shed most of their leaves, but have not completely matured, making the stem easier to handle with harvest equipment. The seed hull will become brownish and firm.
Browse our inventory of new and used Harvest Equipment For Sale at TractorHouse.com.
We’ve sold and used our equipment on a variety of hemp farms. We started by planting with our Ferrari Planter, cultivating with the Henke Buffalo Cultivator, spraying with our 420TS Sprayer and now harvesting with the very first self-propelled Granville Hemp Harvester. After harvesting, transfer your hemp to your drying barn using a variety of live bottom trailers we offer and easily fill your barn boxes with the Precision Leaf Loading System.
Jul 12, 2019 · Nebraska is now a state allowing the testing of hemp after Gov. Pete Ricketts (R-NE) signed the Nebraska Hemp Farming Act. This allows a limited number of farmers to grow, harvest and process hemp ...
We manage all aspects, seed to sale, from cultivation, consulting, formulation and clone manufacturing, to the processing technology used to harvest and produce finished bulk products from crops. Call for price survey. Our schedule is filling up fast so don’t wait, our time is just as important as you! 512-705-6928. WE DO CHARGE FOR SITE SURVEY
Hemp can be sown with a grain drill such as used for wheat. The seed weight has been estimated at 15,000 to 27,000 seed per pound (1000 kernel weight of 18-22 grams; the seed will be smaller for monoecious varieties). The seed is fragile and can be damaged during planting. With air planters, the fan speed should be set at low.
Hemp Equipment Welcome! Hemp Harvest Works is a design, engineering, research, and sales firm that offers large, medium, and smaller-scale machines designed to reduce the overall cost of production. In addition to offering machines, we work to connect growers with custom harvesters capable of d ...
Hiring laborers to hand-harvest is a common method. Some growers are using mechanized harvesting. Growers in tobacco production states are using KIRPY harvesters. Growers that are producing at a large scale are using combines. Some growers are working with custom made equipment, like the Revolutionary Hemp Harvester.
  • Our first crop of Hemp was in 2013. Since then we have built farm and processing facilities and takin a lot of hard knocks along the way. One of the most important tasks we and the industry have is to "teach the teachers," by sharing information and best practices on what we have learned with farmers and folks in the industry.
  • The most popular method for purchasing hemp biomass is to agree upon a cost per pound based on the CBD test results. For example, an extractor processing 10,000 lbs / month is paying $4.00 / % / lb, the hemp tests at 10% CBD so the cost per pound is $40. This method is flawed because the potency testing lab dried the hemp sample prior to testing.
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  • Margins can easily be eroded by expensive delays in the harvest process as the rope-like stalks of the hemp plant can easily get tangled in equipment. "An hour harvesting was probably 4 hours ...
  • Margins can easily be eroded by expensive delays in the harvest process as the rope-like stalks of the hemp plant can easily get tangled in equipment. "An hour harvesting was probably 4 hours ...
  • More specialized Hemp Oil Extractors are required to produce quality CBD. The best CBD oil is extracted with CO2 Hemp Oil Extractors or other specialized extractors. It requires complicated equipment and expertise to use such Hemp Oil Extractors. That said, there are Hemp Oil Extractors you can buy on the market for making your very own ...
  • Aug 21, 2018 · Though hemp can be effectively used for industrial purposes such as the production of rope, clothing, paper, and other fiber-based products, it can also be consumed in a variety of different ways as well. Within the hemp plant, there exists a natural variety of chemical compounds that are referred to as cannabinoids.
  • Jan 10, 2020 · Most hemp farmers grow their crop in order to harvest its highly-valuable cannabidiol, or CBD oil. That oil is stored in the hemp plant’s flower, and extracting it is an “extremely labor intensive” process. Hemp fiber can also be used to create textiles. Crabill says Michigan’s hemp industry has a lot of room to grow.
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